Youtube is a big thing now it's something that has expanded as a community and now there and many 'youtubers' but my favourite youtubers to watch are booktubers..


Sasha is a booktuber who goes by the name abookutopia! Sasha is an American who is very passionate about books, mostly YA, She is my favourite booktuber to watch. Sasha is very funny and a complete fangirl when it comes to books (especially when it comes to Outlander) which is something I like to see from people, not many people I know fangirl over books. Sasha's bookshelves is something I aspire to have, she has a huge amount of books and receives so many ARC (I wish I received loads of ARCS). I get most of my book recommendation from Sasha and not once have I disliked a book she has recommended.

Ben is a booktuber who goes by the name Benjaminoftomes, once again Ben is also into his YA books and is a massive fangirl. I love seeing Ben freak out and fangirl over things (it's incredibly adorably cute) because he totally understands. Ben is very english and you can tell by his accent, it's very soothing to watch his videos as his voice is very enjoyable to listen to. Ben is one of the reasons I became a bookblogger, I watched his videos and it inspired me to create a blog and be passionate about what I enjoy reading! (So thanks Ben, I heart you) Ben has a segment where he recommends books and also lets his audience know when some books are free on ibooks/kindle. Ben is a Rick Riordan fan (like me) and is very funny. Ben is wonderful.
Gemma who goes by anovelyouth is adorable and I really like her channel, I have only started watching her but I think she is a fairly new youtuber/booktuber she only has a few videos but they're all superb and I thoroughly enjoyed them all. She is such a lovely person on camera and I'd love to just sit down and have a chat with her about books. She is friends with Ben who I mentioned earlier! She is honestly a totally relaxed person and also has a bookshelf I wish I had!


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