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Yesterday was my 19th birthday and for my birthday my aunty said she would pay for me to have a tattoo, the tattoo I have been wanting for a while now. Finch and Violet. 

Original design
We went into the tattoo shop in August and booked in with an appointment for today. I took in the finch and the violet drawing of what I wanted and asked if they could change it into a unique design.

This is the design Ruth (the tattoo artist) designed for me, she is incredible.

I've wanted this tattoo for a while as I connected with the book on such an emotional level that it has a special place in my heart. Finch + Violet are my angels. This book was amazing and as you can tell by my URL, it's very important to me.

End result

It's beautiful, I absolutely love it. Ruth did an amazing job of creating the design and bringing it to life and making it something I adore. The flower is purple obviously to represent violet and the finch is just amazing and I love it so much. Ruth is so talented and patient.

I really recommend going to ink asylum if you live local to here.

Also take a look at Ruth's work.

Love, Beth.x
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