Bookish Box #2


I received my second bookish box on Tuesday and once again fell in love with it! This month's box was Horror themed, for Halloween!!!

October box - Horror!

First up is this adorable Dracula magnet
this is by Kit's designs 

This next item is one of my favourites this month, this is the cuff bracelet inspired by the shining!

Next up is something that stole my heart because The Walking dead is my favourite tv programme to exist (I'm even going to walker stalker con next year) and they include Wax melts in the scent of "Hershel's farm." They smell amazing!

The next item is very cute but the quality just didn't work for me, they're quite flimsy and not very practical!  
This is cloth-spin magnets which are also bookmarks, I don't see how it works. They're cute nonetheless 

The last thing included in this box is amazing, This is the T-Shirt which is designed by appraising pages each month! It's a quote form an amazing writer - Edgar Allen Poe!

This box was incredible even if one thing did let me down a little, but It's still an amazing box filled with wonderful things. Thanks to all the little individual shops that included items in this book!!

Get yours here

Side note - 
My 'All the bright places' tattoo was featured across Jennifer Niven's social media's how exciting!!

Love, Beth.x

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