Update - Happy 2016!


I have not posted for over a month and I am feeling pretty crappy about that but I have been so busy with filming, college deadlines, work, Christmas and feeling sad that I have not had any time to write/upload. I'm writing this post because I want to explain to myself why I have been so distant from my blog, to stop myself feeling bad about it. I love blogging and interacting with the book community which I have missed dearly. I've spent every evening reading everyone's blogmas post for the day and wished I had taken part in it, this Christmas I for sure will. 

I have made myself a new years resolution of uploading three blog posts a week, this is something I really want to do to make myself feel better and to be more active in the community. I am thinking about posting a few film reviews / films I'm working, this is because I enjoy blogging and there is so much I want to share on my blog - books are my favourite thing to blog though. My blog will still be full of book content, it's only an idea though, we'll see how 2016 goes.

If you're reading this, have an amazing 2016!

Love, Beth.x

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