very late December bookish box


I received the most loveliest bookish box during the month of December! As you're aware I was inactive during the month of December, but I still wanted to share the December box with you!

The first item was the mug, created by Coffee, Reading, Writing.  This beautiful mug had the words Shh….I’m Reading writing across it, encircled with blue leaves, feathers and wintry shapes.  This is the most lovliest mug I have ever recieved and I've been using it daily!

The second item in the box were beautiful harry potter gift tags by HelloWordPaper , too adorable for me to even use!

The third gift was a beautiful hanging glass ornament contains tiny strips from the book 'Glass Castle'. I am in love with this item and will hang it somewhere in my room! This item was really hard to photograph because of how small it was and focusing it! This beautiful ornament was made by Novel Adornment 

This next item is a little scarf cosy for your mugs! This was such a good thing to be included in the December box, who hates cold tea while reading??? Nobody is your answer. Thank you ComfyCozyScarf

 Lastly, the tshirt we were sent from appraisingpages was a lovely grey coloured t-shirt with a beautiful quote from one of the greats - Stephen King.

Decembers bookish box was an incredible one! 
Check them out here The Bookish Box

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