Today I have a little interview on my blog with Maria Luisa Lang, the author of my last book review! The eye of Nefertiti: A pharaoh's cat novel.

'Maria Luisa Lang was born in Rome, Italy, and lives in New York City. She has a degree in art from the City University of New York, and her artwork has been exhibited in New York galleries. 

She often returns to Italy to visit her family. She has also stayed for extended periods in Bath and London. She loves all animals and is an amateur Egyptologist. Her love of cats and ancient Egypt inspired her to write two novels about them. The Pharaoh’s Cat is her first novel. She has almost completed its sequel, The Lady of Mystery.'

What was the most important thing for you to include in the eye of Nefertiti?

I wanted my cat to grow emotionally and psychologically beyond the point he’d reached in my first novel, The Pharaoh’s Cat. In The Eye of Nefertiti, I again have him feel both joy and loss, but now his feelings are deeper and more intense. I’ve given him experiences that demand and foster a greater maturity.

What was the hardest thing about writing the eye of nefertiti

The same as it was in writing The Pharaoh’s Cat--integrating information about ancient Egypt into the narrative without sounding like a text book.

What is the easiest thing about writing the eye of nefertiti

The cat’s reactions to new people and situations, especially when there’s an element of absurdity.
What writers inspire you?

Kingsley Amis and Mikhail Bulgakov. I’ve been heavily influenced by Amis’s style of comedy and Bulgakov’s kind of fantasy. I describe both The Pharaoh’s Cat and The Eye of Nefertiti as adult comedy, fantasy, historical. Without the creative freedom comedy and fantasy gave me, I couldn’t have written the novels I wanted to--novels embodying my love of cats as well as my fascination with ancient Egypt.

what inspired you to come up with the pharaoh's cat books?

Ancient Egypt and the many cats I’ve known! When I decided to write a novel, I couldn’t help creating an ancient Egyptian cat to be my protagonist and narrator. I wanted to make ancient Egypt funny, and I’ve always felt that cats are natural comedians. I also feel they’re capable of deep love and close friendships with people as well as other cats. In both The Pharaoh’s Cat and The Eye of Nefertiti, I used the first person and the present tense so my cat would talk directly to the reader, and I gave him human powers so he could talk to the other characters.

While you were writing, did you ever feel as if you were one of the characters?

My cat is me in many ways. He has my sense of humor and my sense of justice. There’s also some of me in Elena. For example, I enjoy going to flea markets and thrift shops, and Elena takes the cat and the High Priest to a Bath flea market in The Eye of Nefertiti.

Who was your favourite character to write about?

Queen Nefertiti! She’s was a fascinating woman. In power and influence, she was ahead of her time—very far ahead considering she was an ancient Egyptian. I thoroughly enjoyed bringing her to life. Almost all of my characterization of Nefertiti is invention, but I tried to keep it firmly rooted in the little that’s know about her.

Is there going to be another pharaoh's cat book?

I’ve been planning a third, The Tears of Ra. There’ll be more more time travel, more Egyptology, more of the cat and his little family, and new characters, both human and otherwise, and new settings, both ancient and modern.

Maria is one of the loveliest authors I have ever spoken to, we have exchanged a fair few emails and I know I'll always be hyped for books! I hope you all check out Maria's work, honestly its so fun to read and her writing is incredible. I wish her all the best, I know I'll be keeping in touch with the lovely lady.

Love, Beth x


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