The Eye of Nefertiti: A Pharaoh's Cat Novel #19


A few weeks ago I was approached by Maria Luisa Lang to review her second novel, 'The eye of Nefertiti' by reading the blurb of this book I was intrigued straight away and I agreed to write a review in exchange for a copy. Let me tell you - It did not dissapoint. 

The eye of Nefertiti
Maria Luisa Lang

'The Eye of Nefertiti is both a stand-alone novel and a sequel to The Pharaoh’s Cat. The time-traveling ancient Egyptian feline with human powers returns together with his beloved Pharaoh and his close friends, the High Priest of Amun-Ra and Elena, an Egyptologist’s daughter. 

The cat is quick-witted, wise-cracking narrator as well as free-spirited, ever-curious protagonist, and the story he tells is an exotic, imaginative, spell-binding tragicomedy. The cat travels from present-day New York City to England, both ancient and modern, then to ancient Egypt, where he confronts a horrible demon and experiences a sublime emotion. Once back in England, he descends into a psychological abyss so deep only the Pharaoh can save him. '

Before I even start my review - go read it. Honestly this book was so good!
How beautiful is the cover???

 Wrappa-Hamen is the name of the cat, he is no ordinary cat. Wrappa-Hamen can talk and walk just like a human can. This makes his character so loveable. Wrappa-Hamen is the narrative throughout this book.

This story is more than a story just about a talking cat.  It looks at the deeper meaning of connections, mixing emotions with historical fiction and magic. We see both modern and ancient England, exploring ancient Egypt with the characters was so fun! This makes the book a lot more exciting and interesting. 

There is some humour and funny moments in this book which made me love it even more, it makes you feel like the characters truly are real and in the real world. 
Theres a mystery throughout this book in which we have to sit back and see unravel and solve. This meant we had some scenes full of real emotion.

The time travel in this book was also something I loved, nothing beats a good time travel!
Who wouldn't love a story with a cat in it anyway? 

The ending to the book is something I didn't expect or see coming but felt it had a good ending and brought all the story together and didn't leave any lose ends.

Honestly go and check this book out, it's a quick fun read and it won't disappoint you I promise. If you do, let me know your thoughts and feelings on it.

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Thanks again to Maria, for providing me with a free copy.

Love, Beth x

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  1. So. A book, about a cat, that is like a human too. Really, just "a book about a cat" would have been enough for me :D sounds absolutely awesome! Are you going to read the first book? :)