Every Fox Is A Rabid Fox #20


Last month I read a book by Harry Gallon which was kindly sent to me by dead ink books. 
 'Dead ink is a small, ambitious and experimental literary publisher based in liverpool'

Every fox is a rabid fox
Harry Gallon

"Robert didn't mean to kill his brother. Now he's stuck between grief and guilt with only ex-girlfriend willow and the ghost of his dead twin sister for company. terrified of doing more harm, Roberts hysteria and anxiety grow while willow and his sisters ghost fight over him: one trying to save him, the other digging his grave.

every fox is a rabid fox is a brutal yet tender tale of family tragedy, mental illness and a young man searching for escape from his unravelling mind."

I picked up this book not knowing what to expect, I dived right into it and read it in one day. 
The character which was written was written in a way which made the book interesting, the main character Robert, spoke about events in the book as thought he was telling them from the past. This was something I enjoyed reading, it made it flow and made it interesting hence how I finished it within a day. 

Throughout the book there is an impending sense of doom, as the events basically lead up to how the brother died in the end. I found this making the book more gripping. 

We meet the important characters early on in the book, his dad, mum, uncle Jim, his dead  but important brother, girlfriend and dead twin sister. These are all important to the story, especially the obsession with his uncle Jim. 

I like the way we're brought back to events by Robert's obsession with guns and games played back when they were younger. The books structure wasn't wasn't at all confusing which considering how it's all tied together is quite surprising. The book to me was a fantastic read. Gallon's writing is simply beautiful, the style used made this story, it created the world and characters in a way which I certainly won't forget.

it was nice to read a book by a small publishing company, it goes to show some of the best stories aren't the popular ones.
3/5 stars

Love, Beth x

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