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So this is my first tag to feature on this blog, with many more to come!

I was tagged by the lovely Vrinda, check out her lovely blog.

Lets jump straight in!

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Am I pure-blood, half-blood or muggle born?

Probably a half blood, as I only have one parent.

Which wand chose me?
Larch wood

'Strong, durable and warm in colour, larch has long been valued as an attractive and powerful wand wood. Its reputation for instilling courage and confidence in the user has ensured that demand has always outstripped supply. This much sought-after wand is, however, hard to please in the matter of ideal owners, and trickier to handle than many imagine. I find that it always creates wands of hidden talents and unexpected effects, which likewise describes the master who deserves it. It is often the case that the witch or wizard who belongs to the larch wand may never realise the full extent of their considerable talents until paired with it, but that they will then make an exceptional match'

Picture of wand
  • 13 ¼" in length 
  • Unicorn hair core
  • Quite Bendy flexibility

Did I take an owl, a cat, a rat or a toad?
Cat, they're my favourite

Where did the sorting hat put me?
According to pottermore, Slytherin

What house did I want to be in?
probably gryffindor as most of my favourite characters are in that house and seems like the house I'd fit into.

What lessons are my favourite and least favourite?
potions probably as that would be a lot of fun and my least would be defence against the dark arts, seems scary!

The form my patronus takes:
A weasel according to pottermore, how boring.

What does a Boggart look like for me?
loneliness, always scared of losing the ones I love.

Do I partake in any magical hobbies or school sports?
I'd like to join the quidditch team, so much fun!

Where would I find myself hanging in my free time?
The room of requirement! a room that fits to your purpose? wonderful!

What would I most likely get detention for?
Probably for being up late around the castle reading!

What career do I want after leaving Hogwarts?
something within magical creatures!

I tag anyone that wishes to take part!!

Thanks for reading. 

Love, Beth x

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  1. We had a few similar answers to this tag! I think I would like potions best and I said the job I would want would be to work with magical creatures!